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HBO's Westworld Promotional Poster Concepts

Inspired by dadaist typography, three characters from HBO's sci-fi series, Westworld,
are represented in a concept for a series of promotional posters. Combining digital tools and hand-torn materials, each poster was constructed using collaging techniques to represent the unstructured and non-linear world and setting of the show.

Visual Identity Concept inspired by Mitski's Be the Cowboy

 Using a recurring theme from Mitski's music videos, a rebrand of her hit album was created as an alternate identity for her fifth studio album. 
Photography by Nicole Baumgartner and Malachy Duffy

Promotional Concept for Annual Artscape Festival in Baltimore

Using plant cells as the annual theme, visual abstractions of plant cells serves as branding for Artscape, America's largest free arts festival.

Artscape Vertical Poster.png
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Artscape Horizontal Poster.png
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Logicoma Poster.png

Ghost in the Shell: Arise Promotional Poster Concepts

 Through an exploration of negative space, a concept for promotional posters introduces familiar characters from Masamune Shirow's seminal series, Ghost in the Shell.
Each poster was digitally drawn, with multiple strokes outlining the illustrations, emulating the texture of colored pencil, merging digital and hand-drawn qualities to highlight the themes of human versus artificial existence, vintage versus contemporary,and permanence versus transience.

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